Bob’s Bio

Any of his satisfied clients will tell you that Bob Kuhn’s deep, resonant voice almost drips with culture and experience. So your voiceover is delivered confidently and convincingly with wit and whimsy on command.

However, great voices are made, not born.

His formal voice training began when Bob studied with Dan Levine in the 1990s. In 2009, he polished his voice work in a master class with Dan’s current company, Such A Voice, under producer Brian Thon. In 2011, he attended a workshop series organized by lau lapides studio with workshops led by, among others, Harlan Hogan, Will Lyman, Jordan Rich, Rena Baskin, Paul Horn, and Lau herself. And Bob continues to work with Lau on honing his craft. Bob continues to study with Lau, and also to coach and engineer for her studio.

On the life experience side, he has constantly refined his pronunciation of foreign words and phrases with studies in French, German, and Latin, plus wide international travel and research skills.

And in the realm of business experience, he has gained seasoned knowledge of vocal persuasion via countless live business, academic, and technical presentations. He also has sold concepts, services, and products to everyone from IT executives, mathematicians, and students to architects, facilities managers, and law enforcement professionals.

Early on, Bob prepared (perhaps a bit unconventionally) for his later voiceover career by obtaining a doctorate in mathematics and cultivating a distinguished career in information technology. He also has studied a good bit of philosophy, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, history, and geography, among other subjects. (Remember, a great voice goes further with a good mind behind it.)

Bob adds a final note about three other “voice training” experiences he considers personally important:

“Playing poker taught me to lie for the greater good. Right out loud.”

“Watching football taught me to yell my heart out, but with dignity.”

“And mastering haute cuisine taught me that a good cook can call people to dinner very quietly … but believe me, they will come.”

Here’s Bob’s acting and voiceover Resume.

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