Selling Spices

A little bit of the exotic in the voice, trading on deep, rich, smooth, warmly resonant tones to enhance the image of the product. This fun piece definitely trades on the spiciness of Bob’s voice — one might describe the delivery as sultry, sexy, or alluring … spice up your life. Download Spice Hunter

Shakespearean Sonnet

What more can one say about the Bard? A fluid, intelligent, and emotionally charged reading of Sonnet 29. Download Sonnet 29

A Very British Airline

The British accent: now not just for snobs! This pitch sounds warm, neighborly, and natural, while retaining more than a touch of class. Download British Airways

Your Medical Team

Reassuring patients is an important part of communicating with them. That takes a combination of warmth and authority. This snippet provides just that. Download Your Medical Team