Audiobook – Nonfiction

Here’s an excerpt from a non-fiction audiobook called “Spiritual Technology” about Kabbalah/Torah (the mystical side of Judaism). Download Spiritual Technology excerpt

In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

This is the introduction to a medical e-learning course about the Australian regulatory framework for in vitro diagnostic devices. Bob recorded it for the World Medical Device Organization. Download In Vitro Diagnostic Devices Sample

Japan’s Secret Sub

Narration for the National Geographic Channel of “Japan’s Secret Sub” recorded for the international market. The producers were looking for an authoritative British narrator, serious and thoughtful. The resonant read they got is redolent with sophistication. By using the Japanese pronunciations for all names, (not included in sample) Bob demonstrated his meticulous research.This is the...

Terracotta Warriors

Bob recorded half a dozen travelogs for This excerpt, about the amazing terracotta warriors of Xi’An demonstrates Bob’s ability to bring history/archeology to life. [/audio]Download Xi’An sample.


A museum guide narration, which shows how a delivery can be both authoritative and warmly enthusiastic. Hushed, awed tones — definitely museum-docent voice! Download Tibet

Your Medical Team

Reassuring patients is an important part of communicating with them. That takes a combination of warmth and authority. This snippet provides just that. Download Your Medical Team