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I loved hearing my writing brought to life by your beautiful voice.

Darlene Marshall Author

The quality is excellent and your voice is just perfect! Pacing seems right on target also — it's so very professional.

Kris Gellein World Medical Device Organization, Switzerland

The monologue is super, without question, super ... The man - you're super good, you sound great.

Terrence Ross awarding an honorable Mention in the Deframing the Frame Contest.
Bob Kuhn, playing Nigel Kensington, was a wonderful foil for Don, and is a masterful character actor and a real pro.
Bill Miller Director, Cowboy Spirit

I'll not forget your hard work and ability to deliver amazing work on deadline.

Patrick Fries Arrowhead Films

The voice of Bob Kuhn is one that resonates even after one is done hearing it. A deep tone with a light crispness comes across and one is taken on an emotional rollercoaster with each sentence uttered. The weight of his voice carries the piece. It elates and animates the subjects of which he speaks. Bob is one of the most professional people I have worked with. His talent is not only in the voice, but also the knowledge with which he accompanies it.

William Stitt Director

I chose Bob Kuhn to narrate a travel documentary because I thought he had a great, low-tone voice. His slight Australian accent added to the character voice I was looking for. Working with Bob was very smooth. He took direction with ease and made sure everything was done to my liking. Thanks Bob, for helping complete my ChinaTour.com project.

Steve Tupholme Creative Director, Setera Media Group

Bob Kuhn is a true professional who takes his craft seriously. He came well prepared and followed direction carefully. Bob was great to work with and is on the shortlist of professionals I would consider working with again.

Kai-Jae Wang Director, Filmmaker, KJW Productions.