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Leonardo DaVinci drawing

Leonardo Revealed, a movie by Francesco Manzitti.

William Shakespeare portrait with grafitti including 'Strike!'

The Queen, My Lord, Is Much, Much Better, is a 15-minute video, which I narrate, from an essay by Lionel Hale written in the 1950s that imagines bit-part actors disrupting Shakespeare plays.

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Deeply Impressive

Your voiceover can be accomplished with exceptional flair and all the advantages of an unusually compelling voice. Bob Kuhn is Boston-based, but his unique voiceovers provide a range from British class to Australian directness.

The sound is deep, resonant, instantly impressive. It's a voice that's unmistakably cultured, confident, and experienced.

His demos prove it. Your message is conveyed with authority and intelligence, no matter the medium. For instance, Bob's voiceovers have graced numerous audio books, ranging from

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National Geographic Channel Documentary Excerpt

Bob narrated the international version of the National Geographic Channel documentary, Japan's Secret Sub. This is a 71 second excerpt.