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Demo "Reels"


Miscellany 1:31 min

A demonstration of Bob's core voice skills in narration including a range of styles from inspirational to lighter fare.


1:12 min

Some snippets from commercials, showing class and sophistication, but also technical, corporate, and a delicate touch.

Appeals to Emotion

It's All About 18

Building Up the Fans 23 sec

Bob Kuhn's narration, commissioned for a stirring video for the Boston Celtics, has power and passion to spare. They were looking for that "James Earl Jones" sort of sound - deep, resonant, classy, confident and sincere. Combine that with building high-energy sports-caster style excitement, and the crowds at the Garden were on their feet.

Spiritual Places

Sincerity and spirituality 29 sec

The introduction to an uplifting piece, with the feel of the numinous, that also shows off Bob's ability to integrate foreign terms into his work.


Stephen King's Haunted House 30 sec

Not all emotion is positive! Stephen King's Script for Disney's Haunted House. Ominous tones pervade this mood piece to demonstrate character voices for villains, on videogames, or otherwise.

Selling Spices

But sexily 15 sec

A little bit of the exotic in the voice, trading on deep, rich, smooth, warmly resonant tones to enhance the image of the product. This fun piece definitely trades on the spiciness of Bob's voice -- one might describe the delivery as sultry, sexy, or alluring ... spice up your life.


Travelogue, with a nod to Capri's past. 20 sec

An overt appeal to interest in the salacious aspects of Capri's past, a classy delivery that still enhances the titilation.

Documentary-style Narrations

Japan's Secret Sub

Authoritative and exciting 24 sec

Narration for the National Geographic Channel of "Japan's Secret Submarine" recorded for the international market. The producers were looking for an authoritative British narrator, serious and thoughtful. T he resonant read they got is redolent with sophistication. By using the Japanese pronunciations for all names, (not included in sample) Bob demonstrated his meticulous research.

Elephants in the Sands ...

Serious and informative 22 sec

Elephants in the Sands of Gourma, adocumentary for the Global Environment Facility -- think "David Attenborough" if he had more presence! Assured and knowledgeable, with a smooth and sophisticated sound this call to action also involved Arabic names to introduce clips of people from Mali.


Museum Tour 21 sec

A museum guide narration, which shows how a delivery can be both authoritative and warmly enthusiastic. Hushed, awed tones -- definitely museum-docent voice!

Particularly British

A Very British Airline

16 sec

The British accent: now not just for snobs! This pitch sounds warm, neighborly, and natural, while retaining more than a touch of class.

Shakespearean Sonnet

49 sec

What more can one say about the Bard? A fluid, intelligent, and emotionally charged reading of Sonnet 29.


Leonardo Revealed

Movie Trailer 19 sec

Movie trailer for "Leonardo Revealed," a documentary in production. A touch of mystery delivered in Bob's signature deep, classy, and believable tones excites the listener about the intriguing story covered by this documentary. Needless to say, as the producer is Italian, the pronunciation of Italian names is done with care and accuracy.

The Sword of Liberty

Radio Ad 22 sec

Dramatic radio clip from a radio commercial promoting an action thriller. Full of energy, urgency, and excitement.


20 sec

A lighthearted look at some of the myths associated with the Isle of Capri, a spec piece for a travelogue. Makes you want to read more of this book. Or have it read to you.

Speculative Fiction
(Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror)

The Staff

Audiobook for a fantasy novel 19 sec

A short sequence of dialogue from a fantasy novel intended for an adult, rather than children or young adult, audience.

Martha and the Little Aeroplane

Audiobook for a children's fantasy story 18 sec

A fantasy story with a dream-like tone and sense of wonder, with a poetic turn of phrase and directed to a young audience has different requirements from a story whose readers are expected to be largely adults.

Santa's Errant Reindeer

Seasonal, fun, character piece 30 sec

This piece was developed for, and won, a seasonal competition at Lau Lapides Company. The copy is original, and the delivery humorous and Santa-esque.

The Beast

The Forms of Things Unknown, Part One 27 sec

A shiver up the spine for this eerie introduction for an art video. The surface is very much a nature-program style, with dark undertones.

Medical and Technical

In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

Medical eLearning 18 sec

The introduction to a medical eLearning course, produced by the World Medical Device Organization about the Australian regulatory framework for in vitro diagnostic devices.

Tests for ...

Medical Terminology 22 sec

This medical narration highlights a variety of medical terms, pronounced clearly and correctly. Bob's research is always impeccable.

Your Medical Team

Patient Advice 22 sec

Reassuring patients is an important part of communicating with them. This snippet does just that.


Scientific Narration 25 sec

Not a movie trailer, but a movie-trailer voice used to present scientific information in an engaging, easy-to-digest fashion.


Computer Ad 11 sec

A spec ad for a computer manufacturer. Not a business presentation, nor highly technical, yet demonstrates Bob's comfort in the business world and high tech arena. That, in turn, allows for an eminently believable and enthusiastic presentation.


Christmas on Ezee Radio

Radio promo. 23 sec

Bob's voice is heard on Ezee Radio for St. Vincent and the Grenadines doing promos, seasonal announcements, etc. This is one Christmas-time station promotion.

Stress Less!

TV Show opening announcement 18 sec

Voiceover during the opening credits for a TV show. Since the show was about stress reduction during times of transition, this sample is bright, energetic, and positive.


Busy/No answer message. 27 sec

Recorded message for an IVR system for an optometrist. The clarity of Bob's diction makes his voice ideal for Telephony and IVR applications.

Financial Services

Commercial 13 sec

A classic commercial delivered with classic style: smooth and sophisticated, while maintaining the caring warmth necessary to be believable.

Magazine Ad

Broadcast (Radio or TV) Advertisement 12 sec

Straight broadcast ad, delivered with aplomb.

National Geographic Channel Documentary Excerpt

Bob narrated the international version of the National Geographic Channel documentary, Japan's Secret Sub. This is a 71 second excerpt.