From the producers of the long running web serial, Math Warriors, comes a pilot for the TV series Wackademia. In this clip from the pilot, Bob plays the Dean of the Manhattan Institute of Technology.

Dean ManIT

View Wackademia clip
View Wackademia clip

Boston Celtics

Bob Kuhn’s narration, commissioned for a stirring video for the Boston Celtics, has power and passion to spare. They were looking for that “James Earl Jones” sort of sound – deep, resonant, classy, confident and sincere. Combine that with building high-energy sportscaster-style excitement, and the crowds at the Garden were on their feet. Here’s a sample of the voiceover.

Download It’s All About 18

Cowboy Spirit

Cowboy Spirit is the story of Ted (Rich Manly), a young man in the financial services industry. In the face of multiple losses, Ted relies on the lessons he learned from his grandfather, a former rodeo cowboy. To save a dying girl, he must make the ride of a lifetime. Bob plays an underwriter with the Special Policies Unit of Lloyd’s of London who sells Ted the policy which creates that chance.

This is a two-and-a-half minute clip from this independent, feature-length film directed by Bill Miller.

View Cowboy Spirit clip.
View Cowboy Spirit clip.

Harvest Moon

In the near future, Doctor Stratton learns that his wife has succumbed to a deadly toxin. Cryogenics are the only hope for making the time to cure her. Bob plays the doctor giving Stratton the bad news. This is a one-minute clip of that scene from “Harvest Moon,” an independent, feature-length film by K.J.Wang.

View Harvest Moon clip.

View Harvest Moon clip.
View Harvest Moon clip.

Japan’s Secret Sub

Narration for the National Geographic Channel of “Japan’s Secret Sub” recorded for the international market. The producers were looking for an authoritative British narrator, serious and thoughtful. The resonant read they got is redolent with sophistication. By using the Japanese pronunciations for all names, (not included in sample) Bob demonstrated his meticulous research.
This is the one-and-a-quarter-minute trailer for the documentary.

View Japan’s Secret Sub clip

Leonardo Ritrovato/Leonardo Revealed

A Documentary
by Francesco Manzitti

Francesco is a talented producer/director in Genoa, Italy. He had used Bob for industrial voiceovers, so when he decided to make a documentary about the finding of this wonderful drawing, he contacted Bob to make the trailer to sell the concept.

Have a look at the trailer below to learn a little about the discovery of this important piece of art history.

view trailer for Leonardo Revealed

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